About Me

This Oregon Sweetheart has a Travel Bug


It seems to me the traveling craze is everywhere. Walk into any store, and you will see everything from notebooks to shower curtains draped with pictures of maps and travel-inspired quotes. I know I caught the travel bug when I was quite young and remember how many fun items I could place along my walls to remind me of my travel goals. When I was about thirteen years old, I purchased a giant world map and hung it above my bed. I placed stars on the places I wanted to go and tiny dots in green where people I’ve known were from. 

Growing up, like many young Oregonians, my family always loved going out on adventures. Some off the favorites were going out to different water sports locations and camping. We visited just about every beach along the Oregon Coast by the time I was a teen. I have many fond memories of us packing up our RV Camper and filling the SUV with bikes and cooking tools, so we could all spend a weekend on the road. My mother was the true brain and heart of the trips. Even when we were tiny, she was so careful to make sure we were safe and entertained the entire time. As a home schooled child (until high school) visiting new places was always a great way to learn something new. To this day, she inspires me to follow my heart’s arrow, and mine tends to wind all over the Northwest!

Much of my travels have been in the United States, however, in the summer of 2014, I did spend a few weeks traveling through France and passed through Monaco and Germany. It was a celebratory trip sponsored by my high school for French students to go on an extended educational tour with other school groups. I had a fantastic time and walked until my feet felt like they would fall off! We were led by a Frenchmen who took us walking and  busing from Paris down to the South of France and back up again. 

As a grown girl, traveling has become my real hobby. I go about entertaining myself while traveling through activities such as kayaking, hiking, camping, bicycle riding, dirt bike riding, horseback riding and skiing/snowboarding! (You don’t want to see how much gear I have in my poor garage…) I travel somewhere new just about every weekend. Often we make a run to the Coast or in  the opposite direction: Central Oregon!

During the school year, most of my adventures are in Oregon or Washington, but over the summer I  go a bit farther. 

My favorite travel buddies are my dogs and boyfriend. One of the things my man does best is encourage my wandering and creative mind by following me along on many trips. Our little pack loves  growing together and learning new things as we go. I must be careful though because if I had my way, I’d drag us all over the Northwest in a day until we were both too exhausted to move! It may be the ADHD in me, but sitting still isn’t my “thing,” and he always knows how to inspire my desire for adventure. 

I currently live in the Portland area with my boyfriend and a bunch of “fur babies.” These babies include three cats and two dogs. My oldest dog is a small Rat Terrier, and she tries to travel with us but prefers activities like cuddling by a fire rather then jumping in a river. The later activities are what my Husky mutt is for! She was a neglect rescue, who braves the best missions by my side; still a baby but growing quickly! Two of the cats walk on leashes and travel to hiking adventures with us on occasion, and one is designated our "at home security."

Oregon Sweetheart LLC is a business committed to promoting travel and tourism in the Pacific Northwest. You are all welcome to find it on Facebook or on our website oregonsweetheart.com.  I would love the support! It’s a fun way I get to share my adventures and encourage others to explore this beautiful place. I also get to teach others about practical travel tips and local events, as well.