This All Sounds GREAT! How Do I Sign Up?

Yay! You can use our easy online booking system, OR give us a call, text or email! We can set up most sessions within a week, however we would ask that you try to give us as much notice as possible for sitting needs. We are so excited to hear from you!

How Quickly Can I Set Up My First Appointment?

Most appointments can be booked in as early as 1 day if you give us a call. Online Scheduling requires either one to two weeks notice depending on the service requested. 

What Kind of Pets Do You Sit For?

We LOVE all kinds of animals. Including dogs, cats, horses, fish, reptiles, birds, rodents, and live stock. Rates may vary for sitting for unique animal situations.

Do You Require My Dogs To Have All Their Vaccines or Be Spayed or Neutered?

 Nope! Since most of our services are scheduled individually, at either your own home or with only your animals, we can care for young puppies who haven't had all their shots yet or dogs who aren't spayed or neutered. However, we do require that dogs who are enrolled in Doggie Adventures or Pets using our Boarding Services are no longer intact and fully vaccinated, due to possible interaction with other dogs/animals.

Do I Need to Bring My Animals to You, or Will You Come to My House?

 We care for pets primarily in your own home, allowing them to stay on a familiar schedule during your absence. Our goal is to match your daily experience and routine to when you're home to the best of our ability.  Check out our Services page for our menu of options.  

How and When Do I Pay You?

We require 50% of final pay amount by the first day of care, and the other 50% on last day of care. (Unless you prefer to pay all at once at the beginning of services.) You can leave us a personal check, or pay with cash or Credit/Debit Card via CashApp or Venmo. 

Received great service?

No obligation to tip, however they will be gratefully accepted!

How will you get into my house?


Sometimes our services require on-site entry and we always work with our clients to find the best solution for their home and situation. 

Here are a few examples:

  1. Setting up a lock box at your home.

View Lock Box from Amazon

  1. Access through a coded garage door.
  2. Access through a coded digital door lock.

View Coded Digital Door Lock from Amazon

  1. If we are overnight pet sitting, typically our clients will provide us with an extra key, on our initial consultation and we return it once the service is complete.

If none of these options are suitable, we can work together to figure something out.

What if I have more than one pet needing services? Are their additional fees per pet?

Depending on the services you require, there may be an additional fee- or better yet- a discount!

Rates listed for sitting services are for clients with 5 pets or less. Contact us for your official rate if there will be more then 5 animals needing care.

Doggie Adventures offer discounts for more then one dog. Check out our Services and Prices page for more information!

Also, training and coaching services might vary depending on the situation. Contact us for your official rate. 

We work hard to maintain training and boundaries with our dogs. Will our sitter be committed to cont

Absolutely! We are more then happy to support whatever training methodology [there are so many!] and routines your pets are accustomed to. We will follow all the training protocols you outline for us and we're happy to customize your dog care to their individual needs. Telling us at your initial meet & greet, is helpful for us to prepare for our visits, or if you forget something you can always text your sitter while you're away!

 Please note: we refuse to "punish" an animal or use training methods that inflict pain. Our preferred method of training is positive reinforcement methods (food, treat, distraction, clicker, create training, etc.). 

If you wish us to use eCollars, other electronic devices or prong collars on your pets, we require a demonstration of your proper usage of these tools and how you wish us to use them. At that time we will discuss our willingness or unwillingness to use them. 


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