Welcome to Oregon Sweetheart's -THE PACK!

How does THE PACK work?

More Fun Together!


It is way more fun to share your adventure's with friends, but  it can be hard to find people to come or the best place to go! Oregon Sweetheart's THE PACK is a group of adventurer's who  want to invite you to the team! 

Every week we offer activities and outings for you and your dog. Big and Small Dogs Welcome! 

Receive invitations through email and sign up for adventures of your choosing.

Meet new friends, exercise your dogs, and motivate each other to enjoy the Great Northwest.

About THE PACK Leader


Oregon Sweetheart - Tabbie is THE PACK Leader!

Hobby Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter and Avid Adventurer, Tabbie encourages dog owners of the Northwest to get out of the house and enjoy quality time with each other. She knows that dogs, large and small, benefit from exercise EVERY DAY, but many owners don't know where or how to start.  Tabbie created THE PACK as a way to meet new dog loving friends and teach other's about how to safely and effectively use nature's resources to give your dog the lifestyle they deserve. With her bubbly personality and excitement for life, she makes an excellent motivator and teacher.

"Sometimes all we need is a friend to make the trip that much better!" - Tabbie

Adventures and Activities


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Some Rules of THE PACK

Approaching New Dogs

 “The "No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact" approach gives dogs a chance to smell you and get to know you first before they allow you to enter their personal space. When approaching the pack, always carry this demeanor. Walk confidently and simply raise your knee to bump off dogs that jump up on you.  ALWAYS ask owners before approaching their dog, especially if you have one of your own. 

Leashes Mandegory

Most adventure destinations require your dog stays on a leash. You will be informed ahead of time if there will be an off leash activity opportunity. Dog Park outings will always be off leash event. Extendable leashes are discouraged, but if you prefer them, please keep a close eye to make sure no one is tripped. 

NO "Pinch" and Choke Collars

If you feel your dog must be handled using a choke "pinch" or choke collar, research safer and more productive methods. Dog harnesses are encouraged, but traditional collar and leash and English style leads are acceptable. 

Clean Up

If you wouldn't want to step in it, don't leave it behind for the next guy! Be considerate and clean up all messes. Some destinations provide doggie poo poo bags, but other's do not. Play it safe and bring your own. 

NO Discrimination

Nature doesn't discriminate, so why should you? Men, Women, and everything in between - WELCOME! Keep conversations polite and encourage unity. 

Health Rules

All dogs in the pack must be over 6 months of age,  spayed/neutered, and up to date on all vaccinations.  Dogs who exhibit true aggression will be asked to leave by THE PACK leader. Sorry, sick dogs or dogs recovering from surgery dogs are not able to participate.