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Love Her!



Tabbie is a true sweetheart! Full of life and love for what she does. 


Tabitha Has Been AMAZING!



I was Karamos mother for a while before she took him in for us. When he was with us he had major separation anxiety, would often jump the fence when we were away and roam the whole town! She worked with us and helped us learn that he needed lots of training and we decided it would be best to give him to her. Now he has made amazing accomplishments and is much happier with her and well adjusted. 


Knowledgeable and Fun



Tabitha has tremendous knowledge and compassion towards animal care. She os responsible and ALWAYS does whats best for my animals.  I highly reccomend her to anyone who wants someone they can trust. 





She is really amazing and professional. Its really refreshing. Thanks Oregon Sweetheart


My Go-To Gal Every Time



I know that Tabitha has rescured 5 animals to date and she shares her compassion for animals all throughout her life. Her love for adventure is contagious. She has a very genuine compassion for the animals she cares for. Everyone loves her!


Knew Riley Was In Great Hands



I cant thank her enough for all she did for pur Riley. The house was spotless when she left and even left special treats. My family had so many great things to say about her too. She is such a pleasant person. I loved getting all the pictures and updates.


Good Suggestions


Tabbie made good suggestions and was very pleasant to talk to.


Kind, Funny, Hard Working and Diligent


Tabbie is amazing! She is kind, funny, diligent, hardworking and my kids and dog love her! She is also a wonderful dog (and owner) trainer! Highly recommend!


Everything Looked Awesome


She worked hard to make sure our girlie was taken great care of. Everything looked awesome when we got home. 

- Mike

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